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Goose Neck Bone and Meat Separator
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Product: Views:492Goose Neck Bone and Meat Separator 
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What are the precautions for the use of goose bone separator?

For the equipment itself, goose bone and meat separator is conducive to the convenience of disassembly and assembly of the equipment, ensure its reliable performance, can produce high quality minced meat products, meat fiber tissue damage is relatively light, meat is completely free of bone residue. It is more convenient to adjust and clean the equipment to ensure its stable performance, good separation effect and high meat yield.

The bone and flesh evacuation configuration has a new waterproof installation rejected by the bearing chamber of the dehairing machine. Operating life is advancing rapidly; Elevated transport lines reject the international predecessors'skill of frequency conversion and speed regulation. The speed regulation is correct. The obstruction rate is low.

When the equipment is in use, its electric idea rejects the high frequency conversion hand. It is invalid to guard against electricity leakage; the electric control system rejects the inlet frequency converter and the stainless steel waterproof electric cabinet.

The goose meat separation function is used in many poultry, rabbit carcasses or small animal skeletons. It can be used to produce meat dumplings, which can be used to produce meat products such as sausages, meat pie, meatballs, dumplings, etc. At the same time, it can greatly improve the efficiency of low-value bone and meat.